What does "Add as favorite theatre" do?

Throughout this site you will see the text "Add as favorite theatre" under theatre names. This sets the selected theatre to display every time you visit from your mobile device. Your home theatre's movie times for the current day will be displayed. This means you can get current movie times quickly. You can also purchase movie tickets on your mobile device.

How do I set my favorite theatre?

To set a theatre as your home theatre, click "Add as favorite theatre" in red text text shown under any theatre name.

How do I change my favorite theatre?

If you have want to change your home theatre, click the "Set as home theatre" shown under any other theatre name and this will update your home theatre.

Help! I don't have cookies.

If your mobile device does not support cookies*, you can bookmark the movie time page for your home-theatre. When you revisit this bookmark the movie times will be updated to the current day. *Cookies allow your phone to remember certain things about websites, not all mobile devices support cookies.

No theatres are near me?

Currently our theatre search only looks for theatres within a 20 mile radius of your zip.

No movie times currently?

Some theatres my not have current movie times this may be because this theatre is under construction or being renovated.